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For my family and friends

28 June

My Incoming Wedding!!!

Dear Diary,

I have never known such excitement in my life before. There is so much to look forward to, and yet so much more to fear. Will I make a perfect husband? This and many more questions have consistently perturbed my mind even as I set out to buy the wedding dresses for my bride.I hit several online stores, starting from Bride Desire to every other online boutique you have ever come across, looking for the best wedding dress for my bride. She deserves the best. She’s a queen and royalty belongs to her.

To her, I am perfectly ok. I am the prince in shining armor who must save the day. Just the other day, she started calling me Napoleon Born-Party, William Shakes-Beer and a load of other endearing names. She knows I really want to make the best man she will ever find in her life. But she doesn’t understand the storm that builds inside my psyche once I think that I might not be able to give her my all.


Try, I will. I will even buy the most stylish dresses for my mother-in-law to wear during the ceremony. But I know that this will never be enough. It is what I will do after the ceremony that will count. I am not talking about the things I’ll do at the honeymoon when she’s no longer wearing the cute wedding dress I bought for her. I am talking about the things I will do much later after the ardor and hunger of raw animalistic emotions has quieted, and all that is left between us is a mutual care for each other.

I am talking about that time when the wedding dresses for my bride are faded and worn out from being worn in too many anniversaries. Did you know you could wear your wedding dress in anniversaries, by the way? Yes you could, if at all you get to the point where you start celebrating anniversaries. Some blokes never get this far. They break up before the first anniversary of their wedding peeps at the corner. You don’t believe me? Families are hard to deal with. What if she doesn’t like the cheap dresses for my mother-in-law that I bought? Will I see her in the same perspective after the wedding?

Ladies and gentlemen, I am talking about the time when I will no longer remember I thinned my wallet buying dresses for my mother-in-law. When my brides skin will no longer sparkle like two diamonds in the sky. What will be left of us after all this time? Love, companionship and comradeship.

Does every soon-to-be-wed man get these crazy ideas? Do they spend sleepless hours at night thinking about a future that may or may never come? I am afraid they do. My wedding is in the next two weeks. That’s when I tie the knot. The same day we go for honeymoon in Thailand. But I am afraid of what lies after the honeymoon in all those days that will follow, till death does us apart.